14. th. February 2019

Introducing IOEFM: The International Organization for the Eradication of Fake and substandard Medications

We are pleased to announce to the world the inauguration of IOEFM, The International Organization for the Eradication of Fake and substandard Medications. According to a recent report released by WHO in 2017 "1 in 10 medical products circulating in low- and middle-income countries is either substandard or falsified.” (WHO, 2017). This appalling fact obviously has many unfortunate consequences for the mainly poor/disadvantaged people in these countries. As we are currently not aware of any other organizations working actively to address this problem, we hope that by establishing this organization, IOEFM, we can take our part in doing so and thereby take part in the greater global struggle for better health care in our world. In IOEFM we see it as our long overdue duty to orient the broader public about the serious problems related to fake and substandard medications. Newly elected chairman of IOEFM, Dr. Bakhtyar Baram pronounces: “We cannot longer bear to remain silent about the sufferings of these poor people. Medications should alleviate the sufferings of the sick, not prolong or even worsen their base conditions. This ought to be very simple to understand. How can our patients keep trusting us as the alleviators of their sufferings when so often the medications we prescribe are useless at best?” By cooperating with relevant health authorities, medical corporations and any other organizations or persons who share our aims, IOEFM aims to be amongst the frontrunners for better health care in our world by the eradication of fake and substandard medications.

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